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Heyup Chapos,

I'm going to take the website in a couple of days as we are having a full rebuild of the site as the current host leave us little room for development specific to our needs and is very limited in what they offer specifically to Racing.

The new website will take some time so get up and running, and operating to a level I am happy with. This doesn't mean it won't exist, there will be some form of website up fairly quickly but as for the fancy stuff - not quite sure what that is yet - will take a little while to implement.

All our current members will be migrated to the new site.

Leagues points tables will be made available via discord, so we'll still be keeping those up to date. We all are excited to see who will prevail victor in the battle of the championship.

Unfortunately all our forum data will be lost so if you have any data on the forums you would like to save you have until Sunday 16th December. From Monday 17th the website will be down until further notice. I apologize for the downtime but it's something that will benefit the group as a whole once complete.

Any questions please contact me on Discord or Steam.

Ciao for now


Project Cars 3 - Pro
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Nordscheife, Dreams came true as did nightmares
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Congratulations to everyone who battled Green Hell and came out the other side, it was no mean feat to get through the race! A few met their match as the barriers and intensity proved to much. Evil Noodle came away with the win, Andy Bonar led a few laps and stands on the 2nd step of podium and Tyrion unable to convert his pole to a victory stands on the 3rd step, also getting the fastest lap.

Points have been updated, the battle intensifies at the top of the table now! Evil Noodle and cpcdem are tied on 135, with Mr Bonar is close pursuit on 133, Mr Moore close behind on 124. JAPS has started to trail a little bit and sits on  112 with BEER4ANY1 closing the gap on 108. 

The team standings are hotting up with BlueBull Racing pulling a small gap from No Turn Unstoned only 24 points seperates them. After Evil Noodles victory the gap 2nd is now only 17 points. 
Next round Watkins Glen, see you there.

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The Green Hell, got the balls?
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RaceRoom Experience Server now open for business! 

RaceRoom has been knocking around for many years and at the start I didn't give it much credit, it felt a little unfinished and there wasn't much content. Now there is loads of content with over 100 cars and plenty of laser scanned tracks, with some of the best audio I've ever experienced in a game. 

We've set up a server running a track day format at the Nordshleife with all the cars enabled, it's proving to be really popular. We had a full house on the 2nd day with all sorts of cars buzzing around the circuit. 
We will be planning on running some fun single events which won't interfere with our current Project Cars 2 leagues.  Want to give it a try, search for the server TCSR - Total Control Sim Racing and see if you conquer The Green Hell. 

F5 and GT3 Race Results
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Ello Chaps, 
The results and points have been updated! 

The drivers championship is incredibly close at the top, just 21 points covers the top 6 drivers and variety of cars driven too. It's great to see the title fight progress. Cpcdem tops the drivers tables with JAPS 11 points adrift and Andy Bonar hot on their heels just 3 points behind JAPS. 

As for the Team Championship BlueBull Racing is pulling a slight gap with an 18 point advantage over No Turn Unstoned, Team Dogz in third and HillBillys below them. 

Next round its a mid season special at Nordschleife Combined, a 2 hour race double the duration means DOUBLE POINTS! Are you ready to attack the Green Hell and return unscathed? Let's see who triumphs and who get's consumed. 

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