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NakamuzaTeam Boss
Joined: 15th Feb 2018
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9th Nov 2018

Heyup peeps 

What content do you all have for RaceRoom? 

I'm thinking of getting a server up and running and wondering what content you've got. It's a great game with some of the best FFB and the sounds are feckin brilliant. I've not raced a huge amount but I think if peeps have some content we could get something up and running. 

Let me know your thoughts and content and we'll go from there. 
Joined: 11th Mar 2018
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9th Nov 2018

initially it looked promising but did not pursue much. worth a try if we are that desperate.
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Joined: 23rd Feb 2018
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9th Nov 2018

A year ago (July 2017) I bought all the content that was available back then (it was less than 100euro). I generally like it, and previously I had raced a lot in it with the free content, but after racing in PCARS2 for more than a year, RRE and every other sim is missing too many things for me to enjoy racing in them. I would race in RRE only for the sane penalty system that we do not have in PCARS2...ah, and for the missing bugs (obviously the sound is a lot better, too, but not very important for me).
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