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Is everyone happy with the proposed settings, formats and time?


NakamuzaTeam Boss
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6th Apr 2018

Hey Everyone,

Below are the changes and dates for the start of the main league. We had great success on the pre-season league with a lot of battles, winners and with nobody really having a clear advantage.

The league consists of two races; support race and main race. The support race will be a short 15 minute sprint in the Ginetta GT5 with no mandatory pitstop. The main race will be an estimated 35 minutes with a mandatory pitstop.

Day and Time
Race Day - Sunday
Practice - 19:30 (60 mins)
Qualifying 1 - 20:30 (15 mins)
Race 1 - 20:45 (15mins) Support Race
10 minute break
Qualifying 2 - 21:10 (5 mins)
Race 2 - 21:15 (estimated 35 mins) mandatory pitstop

All times are in CET time zone, all session will be posted in steam events and automatically converted to your local time zone.

League Calendar
Silverstone National - 15/04/18
Brands Hatch GP - 22/04/18
Oulton Park International - 29/04/18
Snetterton 300 - 06/05/18
Donnington Park GP - 13/05/18
Le Mans Bugatti Circuit - Night Race - 20/05/18
Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya National - 27/05/18
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca - 03/06/18
Dubai Autodrome National - Night Race - 10/06/18
Watkins Glen International Short - 17/06/18

Lobby Settings
Lobby Name - TCSR Touring League
Password - TBA (Passwords will announced on discord channel and our events page)
Wait For Race Ready Input - On
Grid Size - 26
Vehicle Class - Touring Car (DLC allowed) & Ginetta GT5 (Support Race)

Weather - Realistic (manual) Real forcasted weather for each track/ race meet will be posted in the event, a forecast will be posted every Thursday before an event. Weather forecast will be posted on our website event pages so make sure to check before the race.  This should hopefully spice the action up, if weather conditions change. Weather will be synced to race

Race Start Time - Day 14:00, Night: 20:00
Race Date - Real
Time Progression -x1

Rules & Penalties - On
Track Limit Penalties - On
Drive Through Penalties - On
Pit Exit Penalty -On
Competitive Racing License - On
Min. Competitive License Required - U100

We are not using the minimum license value, we will use the test races to asses your skill and racing respect, we reserve to right to remove you from the league should your racing etiquette not be up to par.

Points System
Points will be awarded for both races, we will be using a modified version of last years BTCC points. Points will be awarded for the the top 15 finishers as follows: 20,17,15, 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
1 point will also be awarded for the fastest lap in each race.

Realism Settings
Allow Auto Start Engine - Yes
Force Interior View - No
Force Driving Line Off - Yes
Force Default Setups - No
Force Manual Gears - No
Force Realistic Driving Aids - Yes
Damage Type - Full
Mechanical Failures - Yes
Allow Ghosted Vehicles - No
Force Manual Pitstops - Yes
Pitstop Errors - No
Tyre Wear - Authentic
Fuel Depletion - Yes
Force Cooldown Lap - Yes
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Last Edit: 29th Apr 2018 by Nakamuza
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6th Apr 2018

Sounds good to me, nice one. Are we having a point for fastest lap? I think it’s a good idea but not essential if people don’t want it
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NakamuzaTeam Boss
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6th Apr 2018

Thinking that we should reduce the pratice time and make both qualifying sessions 20 mins as we now have support race.
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Joined: 23rd Feb 2018
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6th Apr 2018

Looking forward to it
Yes, practice could be shorter...I try and get as much practice in as I can before raceday.
Only thing I would maybe struggle with is I imagine shortening practice will bring Q1 earlier than it is set now
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11th Apr 2018

Is the event going to be streamed anywhere? Twitch for example? I don't have anything but might be an idea?

Joined: 23rd Feb 2018
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11th Apr 2018

Ill be streaming on youtube....just a simple stream from my perspective, nothing amazing
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NakamuzaTeam Boss
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11th Apr 2018

Time permitting I may try and make some highlights videos from saved replays, my calendar is pretty packed atm but I'll try.
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