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What Dirt Title do you prefer?

DiRT Rally
DiRT 4

NakamuzaTeam Boss
Joined: 15th Feb 2018
Rank: Team Boss
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25th Oct 2018

Heyup Peeps, 

We've got a DiRT Club now, you can join it here ---  GIVE ME DIRT --- and I'm wanting to know what title you prefer/ own so we can get a little league underway. 
I have a feeling what most of you are gonna say, here's a poll. 

If you have any track / location combos you really want to rally then leave in the comments and they will be included. As this is going to be our first DiRT league the start will be undecided until we get some interest (I HOPE THERE IS SOME) 

DiRT Rally Club
DiRT 4 Club
Last Edit: 25th Oct 2018 by Nakamuza
Joined: 16th Sep 2018
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25th Oct 2018

Dirt rally, dirt 4 is too arcade for me
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