Assetto Corsa App Pack
NakamuzaTeam Boss 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 21st May 2018
Hey Guys,
A few of you have talked about getting started on Assetto Corsa, so I've put together a few apps n mods to help get your started and hopefully make it a little more enjoyable. I've included links to all the mods.
I highly recommend that you download content manager for AC if you wish to download more mods as it really does simplify the whole process and actually is a better launcher than the standard.

Apps & Mods Include:
carRadar 1.4
Pro Tyres
SRS Apps
Setup Market

Downloads are only available to members, if you want to be a member contact Nakamuza.

Download Pack here

AC Content Manger

28th May 2018 German RTUrmelNDHMember
Hello. The link for the pack does not work
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