The Green Hell, got the balls?
NakamuzaTeam Boss 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 17th Nov 2018

RaceRoom Experience Server now open for business! 

We like to try and keep you entertained, keep things fresh and maybe open your eyes to a new sim or game that you might of overlooked or tried once and thought naaa it's not for me. 

RaceRoom has been knocking around for many years and at the start I didn't give it much credit, it felt a little unfinished and there wasn't much content. Now there is loads of content with over 100 cars and plenty of laser scanned tracks, with some of the best audio I've ever experienced in a game. 

We've set up a server running a track day format at the Nordshleife with all the cars enabled, it's proving to be really popular. We had a full house on the 2nd day with all sorts of cars buzzing around the circuit. 

We will be planning on running some fun single events which won't interfere with our current Project Cars 2 leagues. I ran a GT3 lobby last night and we had a few great races, close battles, some a little too close for one or two guys. 

Want to give it a try, search for the server TCSR - Total Control Sim Racing and see if you conquer The Green Hell. 

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