Project Cars 3 - Pro
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Project Cars 3

Slightly Mad Studios is currently working on Project CARS 3, according to the developer’s CEO. In a post on the GTPlanet forums, Slightly Mad’s Ian Bell confirmed a sequel to Project CARS 2 is on the way, though no release date time-frames were cited.

Bell also claims Project CARS 3 will be an ambitious title, with the plan being to “blow anything else, planned by anyone else, out of the water”.

No indication is given as to when we could expect to see an official announcement on the title, with Fast and the Furious coming along and the introduction of the ex Evolution / Codemasters team it could bring more of a restructure as the developer looks to refine its future internal development processes. Suffice to say that given the ambition of the previous titles there’s a lot of potential to build upon and we’ll be keeping a keen eye on developments.

Project Cars Pro

A professional grade version of Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS racing game has been revealed at the 2018 Los Angeles Motor Show.
Set to officially launch sometime in 2019, the Project CARS Pro platform has been designed as a “unique and distinct product with the ability to create unparalleled client experiences”.

As a showcase of Project CARS Pro’s potential, the setup is being demonstrated on the Porsche stand at the LA expo, where visitors will be able to experience the brand new 992-generation Porsche 911 Carrera S around the car maker’s Leipzig test track.

The test track will likely be familiar to Project CARS 2 players, as the circuit was featured in that game’s Porsche Legends Pack DLC earlier this year.

Claimed to make the playable Project CARS Pro build even more engrossing is the StarVR headset integration. According to Slightly Mad Studios, this helps the “Porsche 911 VR-Racing Experience” to offer “truly unique, intense, and unrivalled levels of immersion”.

Slightly Mad Studios’ chief commercial officer Stephen Viljoen said: “We’re developing the professional version of Project CARS for the automotive world to deliver a unique and distinct product with the ability to create unparalleled client experiences, and working with Porsche on this project, utilising our professional simulation product before its official debut in 2019, is very exciting!”

11th Dec 2018 NakamuzaTeam Boss
noice! thought the pro version was the next release for us lot. Leaves me wondering tho why they aren't more focused on getting pcars 2 sorted. Hopefully if they the they'll learn summin from doing the "pro" version and wont leave us lot in the dark.
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