NakamuzaTeam Boss 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 13th Dec 2018

Heyup Chapos,

I'm going to take the website down in a couple of days as we are having a full rebuild of the site as the current host leave us little room for development specific to our needs and is very limited in what they offer specifically to Racing.

The new website will take some time so get up and running, and operating to a level I am happy with. This doesn't mean it won't exist, there will be some form of website up fairly quickly but as for the fancy stuff - not quite sure what that is yet - will take a little while to implement.

All our current members will be migrated to the new site.

Leagues points tables will be made available via discord, so we'll still be keeping those up to date. We all are excited to see who will prevail victor in the battle of the championship.

Unfortunately all our forum data will be lost so if you have any data on the forums you would like to save you have until Sunday 16th December. From Monday 17th the website will be down until further notice. I apologize for the downtime but it's something that will benefit the group as a whole once complete.

Any questions please contact me on Discord or Steam.

Ciao for now


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