[TCSR] Sunday Drive 12-05-2019
Evil NoodleTeam Boss 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 8th May
[TCSR] Sunday Drive

Sunday 12th May 2019 starting at 7:00pm.

Race 1 Clio @ Donnington
Practice 15 minutes
Qually 10 minutes
Race 15 minutes

10 minute break

Race 2 Clio @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Practice 15 minutes
Qually 15 minutes
Race 30 minutes

Race 3 Indy Car @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway (only if you want)
Qually 20 minutes
Race 30 minutes

Cars will be with real cars settings (so if it has TC you can use it etc)
Time progression will be 15x
Damage on for all cars
Race start times 2pm
Weather clear, in game race date 12th May 2019
TCSR Public Server 1, with min level E100

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