Racing Rules

Please read all the rules before applying to join our leagues. These rules are designed to for all of us to have a competitive yet fair racing where races are won with respect. If you do not understand any of the rules please contact and admin/ moderator who will be happy to explain anything.

Race Cleanly at all times, participating in the league we expect that all drivers will do their best to avoid contact.
Should contact occur then the driver at fault is expected to slow and give the position back within a reasonable time and without impeding other drivers.
This is will count as your penalty, should any driver not adhere to the rule then you'll receive a harsher punishment.

Deliberate contact will result in a permanent ban from this and all future leagues.

Overtaking and Defending
All overtaking must done with respect and cleanly, generally it is the car behind who must avoid contact.

Defending must also be done respect, no excessive weaving or blocking. Choose your line and stick to it, If a driver is alongside do not force them off track.

Corner Cutting
We will be using the in game track limits penalty system.

Returning To Track/ Incident on track.
If you run off track you MUST only return to the track in a safe manor and not impede other drivers. Impeding other drivers when re-joining the track in an unsafe manor will result in a penalty and/or license points.
If you are involved in an incident on track and are spun you MUST remain stationary until you are absolutely sure the track is clear before turning around safely. DO NOT drive the against the flow of traffic. If this means you have to wait for the whole pack to pass you then so be it.  Failure to follow will result in a penalty and/or license points.

Being Lapped
Lapped car - it is your responsibility to pay attention to blue flags and allow drivers to pass when safe to do so. Anyone constantly ignoring blue flags will be personalized.

When overtaking a lapped car do so safely, flash your lights to gain the attention but do not do so excessively. Flashing lights is only to be used when overtaking a lapped car and such should not be used any other reason.

Qualifying Rules
It is your own responsibility to find space before a hot lap, a slower car does not have to move out of the way if they're on a hot lap. We advise drivers to turn on their lights when on a hot lap, as such lights should be turned off when on either, in/ out lap or a cool down lap.
Should you spin out, go off track do not rejoin the track immediately make absolutely sure when you rejoin it is safe to do so. If you spin out and stay on track stay still until other cars have passed you.

Reset to track
This is not permitted under any circumstances, any drivers using this will be removed from the session immediately and anyone using it persistently will be removed from the league.

Saving Replays/ Recording
We ask that everyone saves their replays or records, in the event you feel the need to report anyone in the league for whatever reason.

We don't want to apply penalties as they ruin the racing and will only be applied if felt strictly necessary. Penalties that can be applied are as follows:

  • Time penalty - 5-60 seconds - causing collisions of varying severity, corner cutting, ignoring blue flags, blocking during qualifying.
  • Race Ban - Consistent rule breaking, griefing, rage quitting.
  • League Ban - Consistent severe rule breaking, only applied after race ban or any reason otherwise stated.

License Penalty Points
Points will be given to drivers for Dangerous driving - causing collisions, endangering other drivers or causing major collisions, driving without due care and attention and repetitive rule breaking.
Drivers will have a maximum of 3 points on their license, once they receive 3 points will receive a race ban.
Each driver will have start a new season with a clean license.

Rage Quits
Anyone rage quitting will receive a 1 race ban as stated above, consistently doing so will result a league ban.

No Shows/ cancellations
We understand that you may not be available to make every race meet due to life and that's cool, we ask that you inform us at least 3 days before so we can let any reserve drivers know if they would like to participate.
If you do not show for 2 race meets without informing us we may remove you from the league to allow someone else to join.

Disconnects/ Connection Quality
As with online racing and Project Cars 2 net code, disconnects are possible. If you are disconnected please rejoin as soon as possible, if you are unable to do so then that is tough luck unfortunately.

We do request that a good quality connection is required and will notify anyone lagging to fix the problem. A good quality connection is required for close and safe racing as such should your connection not be up to par we will ask you leave.

General & Reporting
We ask all drivers to be polite and treat everyone with respect, anyone disrespecting other drivers or causing grief will not be tolerated. We are all here to have fun and enjoy the race.

Please report any problems or incidents to JAPS or Nakamuza within 3 days of the race, you must have video evidence. We will judge the incident impartially including if we are involved in an incident, just because we are the organizers does not exclude us from penalties.

All of these rules are required to ensure that everyone experiences the best racing possible and penalties will only be applied if deemed necessary.

Thanks for reading.

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